Important Update

An important update from Rev. David Allen, Chair of Windermere Church Council, and farewell letter from Stone Soup Network Founder, Rev. Alexa Gilmour.

What do you need?

Free products and services available through Stone Soup Network are currently available only to residents connected to social agencies (schools, healing centres, shelters, faith communities) in High Park/Junction/Roncesvalles (Ward 4, Toronto). Here are some examples of the kinds of things you might see available (but we have over 30 businesses so there’s lots more help than this:

  • Dance and music lessons
  • Gift credit at a bookstore, pharmacy, grocery store
  • Theatre tickets and restaurant meals
  • Haircuts and beauty treatments
  • Care tune ups and hardware supplies
  • Summer camps
  • and many other goods and services

How to access these products:

If  you are struggling economically, talk to your spiritual leader, social worker, healthcare provider, shelter staff, community officer, or settlement worker in the area and ask them if they are a Stone Soup Connector. If they are, they can match you with the gifts you need. If they haven’t heard of us yet, tell them to reach out at to learn about becoming a connector. Most local social agencies are eligible to be a social connector.