About Stone Soup Network

People like to give. We give them an easy way to do it.

Stone Soup Network (SSN) is a National organization that began in Toronto’s vibrant west end (Parkdale-High Park) and has expanded to Ottawa. SSN invites businesses to share products and services with neighbours in need. We manage a database of these donated items from local merchants, like grocery and pharmacy gift cards, oil changes, books and toys. They have made the difference for families on the financial and emotional edge. 

Our local Stone Soups collaborate with an amazing team of non-profit partners to distribute these goods to people & families in need within the community. The “social connectors” of the community, people like social workers, shelter support staff, religious leaders and health care providers help make the connection between the donations and the people who need them most. Our goal is to create long-term impact by helping to build healthier, more socially cohesive communities.

Our impact 

Since 2016, over $250,000 in donated goods and services have been shared with over 3,000 people struggling with poverty.  Items like: 

  •   pharmacy gift cards for low income seniors
  •   new books for eager readers
  •   daycare for families
  •   summer camp and music lessons for kids
  •   restaurant meals for special occasions
  •   a dress for the prom